A “cult” or a MASSIVE MOVE of YHWH?

Published by Rob Skiba November 6, 2014 at 2:07 PM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am NOT in the so-called “Hebrew Roots Movement cult”. There are many reasons why I say that: Namely, there are those within the officially recognized movement that deny the deity of Christ and His Messiahship. They want to rip Paul out of the New Testament, thinking him to be a heretic who has failed the Deuteronomy 13 Test. They can be overly dogmatic about the name of YHWH (how to pronounce it) and Yeshua. They advocate polygamy. And there are other reasons why I distance myself from all of that because unfortunately the phrase “Hebrew Roots” has become synonymous with the above listed sort of things.

Here is what I truly believe (in 5th Grade reading level English with pictures):

The simple fact of the matter is, the roots of our “Christian faith” are Hebraic. It all goes back to the Bible, which was written by Hebrews in a Hebraic mindset. And judging by the rapid spread of a REAL “movement” of YHWH across the world, I hardly think it (this LEGITIMATE movement) can be ignored.

Looking at the above images, I can see why the typical, denominational “church” is feeling threatened. These pictures represent HOME BIBLE STUDY GROUPS around the world wherein people are tossing off the shackles of standard, pagan-influenced churchianity and are getting back to basics. These (for the most part) are folks opening their Bibles up to Genesis instead of Matthew and taking in the WHOLE council of YHWH from “beginning to end”. They are now seeing Genesis to Revelation as one complete story with no commercial interruptions (i.e. Old Testament and New Testament).

We have ONE God, who has ONE plan to redeem ONE Bride! And it is a marvelous plan indeed. For more on this, see also:

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– Rob Skiba

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