Law Against The Law?

Published by Rob Skiba June 4, 2014 at 3:16 PM

Found an interesting website today:

In one section, it says:

How Numerous are the Laws Passed by the United States Congress?  R2075.jpg (26868 bytes) The United States Code (abbreviated USC) is the collection of laws passed by the United States Congress, minus the ones that have been repealed or superseded.  When the photographs on this page were shot in October 2008, the Law Library at the Library of Congress had year 2000 editions of the USC.  Shown at left are the first two shelves of the USC.  Not shown are the third shelf of the USC (a partial shelf) and space devoted to table volumes, index volume, and supplements in volumes dated 2001 through 2005.

The United States Code occupies this much shelf space:

First shelf (USC titles 1-21): 34.25 inches

Second shelf (USC titles 22-42): 28.75 inches

Third shelf (USC titles 42-49): 10 inches

Table volumes and index: 18.5 inches

Supplement volumes dated 2001 through 2005 are spread over three shelves:

First shelf of supplements: 5.5 inches

Second shelf of supplements: 34 inches

Third shelf of supplements: 13.75 inches

All told, the USC of year 2000 (minus supplements) occupies 73 inches of shelf lineage.

As I continued to dig along these lines, I found that 20,238 bills passed into law in 2009 and 21,031 bills passed into law in 2007.

Another website states:

Dec. 27, 2011

New Laws Ring in the New Year

A wide range of new legislation goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2012. 

A host of new laws—from making it a crime to sell a live animal on any street or in any parking lot, to honoring law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty with a special medal—become effective Jan. 1, 2012. 

In 2011, all 50 states and territories met in regular session and enacted more than 40,000 new bills and resolutions on issues across the board. Laws do not always become effective on Jan. 1, however. State constitutions or statutes usually establish when they go into effect, or sometimes, an effective date is written into the specific piece of legislation.


See also NBC news story:

“About 40,000 state laws taking effect at the start of the new year….”

On the Library of Congress website, I found…

“What about the United States Code?” The current Code has 51 titles in multiple volumes. It would be very time consuming to go page by page to count each federal law, and it also does not include case law or regulatory provisions.


As one continues to dig, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that we literally have hundreds of thousands of laws documented in hundreds (if not thousands) of large-volume books – just for our own country! Imagine how many there are all around the world!!

By contrast, YHWH gave us just 5 short books, within which only SOME of that content deals with His established Laws for ALL of mankind. There are those who claim there are 613 laws contained in those 5 short volumes, penned by Moses. However, NO ONE was meant to keep all of those as some only apply to priests in Jerusalem when there is a Temple. Some only apply to women. Some only to farmers. Some to kings, etc.. So all 613 (alleged) laws do not apply to any one person. Ultimately, it seems to me, when you really get down to it, even the 613 are really just an elaboration on how specific people can keep the big 10:

Isn’t it interesting how the modern Church has essentially made a doctrinal law that basically makes it illegal to keep this simple 10-point Law? And yet, the same Christians who promote that variety of Antinomianism, will almost unanimously demand that we should “obey the laws of the land.” OK. So, we’re supposed to obey the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LAWS written by man, but toss out the 10 written by the finger of YHWH Himself? And that makes sense to people??

Seriously. Think about it folks: There are literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of laws just for our one nation. Imagine how many there are if they were counted in every nation. Even taking duplicates into account, the number would be outrageous! Yet, YHWH was able to write with His own finger just 10, that if obeyed, would keep the ENTIRE PLANET in order. Yeshua made it even simpler for us, by distilling the 10 down to just 2: Love God and love our fellow man (though those 2 actually show us how to keep the 10).

And yet, the Church – of all people – wants us to ignore them.

Worse still, you have those within it claiming that it is a “doctrine of devils” for us to seek to obey them. Wow…SMH

What a truly wacky way of thinking!

– Rob Skiba

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