The Bible in 5th Grade Reading Level English

Published by Rob Skiba October 6, 2014 at 1:28 PM

I have often made reference to Scriptures being at “5th Grade reading level English”. Some have taken offense to such comments. There’s no need for offense. But I should explain myself on that for future reference:

I was raised my entire life (by KJV ONLY folks) to believe that the KJV was written in 5th Grade reading level simplicity, meaning a 5th Grader with decent reading skills could learn all he needed to from the KJV. Indeed, this was true for me. I had a KJV Thomson Chain Reference Bible highlighted and annotated (by me) in Grade School. In short, THIS 5th Grader could read and understand it for what it says. My point in that analogy is if your doctrinal view cannot be read by a 5th Grader FROM THE BIBLE ALONE and understood without the need of someone with fancy letters after their name explaining it, then you have a problem.

In that regard, I have yet to see ANY single Bible verse that supports the pre-Trib Rapture view, which does not require someone else adding their explanation to it for it to work. Case in point, most who argue against my view of the Rapture are sending me DOCTOR Chuck Missler videos. Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually love his teachings and highly respect Chuck. But frankly, I’d rather see what a 5th Grader has to say after reading the Bible for himself, with NO ONE trying to impose their view upon him. What view would he come up with just from reading the Bible for himself? This is true for ANY subject in the Scriptures. If it takes “the wise guy” explanation, there may be a problem. The Bible is written in the simplicity a child can understand for himself.

I have seen the same problem in the foreign mission field. When I was a missionary, I literally saw cases where left to themselves, people who have NEVER studied the Bible for themselves before, got a hold of one, read it and started walking in the Gifts of the Spirit all on their own. Then western seminary trained types would come there and teach them, “Oh, no, no, no. That stuff passed away with the Apostles. The gifts are not for today. They were only needed until the Bible was completed.” They started pushing their completely bogus Cessation Doctrine on these new converts. Thankfully, in Kazakhstan, the first generation believers there didn’t buy it. They basically said, “Well, you may believe that, but the Bible you left us says we are to be doing this stuff. And just last week we saw 3 people healed and a few demons cast out. So, we’re going to stick with John 14:12. Thanks anyway.”

In their simple understanding of what the Scriptures actually say for themselves, they were doing what Jesus and His Apostles did and people were being saved, healed and delivered. That’s what happens when you let the Bible speak for itself instead of forcing our traditions and bogus man-made doctrines that require MAN’S teaching unto the text to be believed.

In like manner, the Pre-Trib Rapture view is largely – thanks to the Scofield Reference Bible – an American-centric doctrine. You don’t find it so strongly held in most other countries – who by the way are going through their own horrific “tribulations” as we speak… and never got Raptured out of it.

– Rob Skiba

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  1. Donovan says:

    Read the WORD for your self and let the Holy Spirit be your teacher, is key when I give some one advice. Peace.

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