“So do you keep all 613 commandments Rob??”

Published by Rob Skiba January 3, 2015 at 2:51 PM

People ask me all the time, “Well if you claim to be Torah observant do you keep ALL 613 commandments in it?” This is of course usually done in a smug effort to try and trip me up and eventually label me either a liar, hypocrite, heretic or worse. I can almost guarantee that nearly everyone who hurls that accusatory question has never ever even read the 613, because of course, if they had, they’d quickly realize that the question itself is one of extreme ignorance as NO ONE (not even Yeshua) could keep all (alleged) 613 commandments of the Torah. So if HE could not (nor was He required to), why on earth would anyone think they should?? For more on that, see also 10 or 613?

As I said in that blog: “You’d have to be a circumcised female Levite king working in a stone temple in Jerusalem as a priest with a side-job of being a court judge who enjoys farming to keep “all” of the commandments of Torah!”

If interested in reading through them all, here are 2 good links for you to check out: 

So can we finally toss that lame argument out the window? Pretty please? It gets old after a while.

For me, after over 4 years of studying the Torah, I’ve landed on basically striving to keep the Big 10, observing the Feasts and eating right. Aside from the blatantly obvious (like not having sex with animals and such – MANY of which are also common sense and decency laws within our own country anyway), these are really about all that is left of the ALLEGED 613 commandments of the Torah that I (as a male) actually CAN keep while still in exile from the Garden, with no Temple and NO NEED of animal sacrifices (because of Yeshua’s FINISHED work), no longer under the Levitical priesthood, but rather under the BETTER priesthood of the Melchizedek Order.

Thus (for me), “loving God” and “keeping His commandments” essentially amounts to:

1) Trying to walk in the 10 Commandments (including the Sabbath).

2) Participating in the Feasts (minus animal sacrifices for sin), which only teach me more and more about my Savior… and are a LOT of fun!

3) Eating healthy food that is actually good for me (oh the horror!).

This is NOT about “getting back under the Law” as some like to accuse. You can’t get “under” something that is supposed to be “in” you so that is also a lame and exceptionally ignorant argument:

As I see it, there is nothing but joy in YHWH’s loving Instructions as all are good and beneficial for me and they all reveal and demonstrate my love for YHWH and for others – even as I “love myself” by treating my own body right through YHWH’s loving dietary laws. It’s not rocket science.

For those who want to toss out the entire Old Testament, claiming you only follow the commandments of the New Testament, consider:

And lest you want to go all “Acts 15” on me, read verse 1 to see what the real issue was. Then read it again until that sinks in before continuing on down to verse 21. Read verse 21 a few dozen times, then consider this:

– Rob Skiba

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  1. Kellen says:

    I enjoy how you explain this exceptionally well. Thank you very much.

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