Shemitahs and Blood Moons – What’s the Point?

Published by Rob Skiba: February 10, 2015 at 2:41 PM

Just an observation:

First let me say that I am a big fan of many of the “prophecy” organizations out there. I think what they are doing – for the most part – is awesome. But lately, I am really seeing this idea that “fear sells” almost as well as sex. Since Christians can’t peddle the latter, they seem to go the fear route. But what’s the point in that? For me, if we really are headed for Armageddon as quickly as some of these guys would have us believe, you would THINK obeying YHWH would be the #1 priority action step to be preaching. But most of these guys will do little more than give a nod in that direction.

Case in point: Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger and Shemitah series and Mark Biltz’s Blood Moon stuff. OK. On the surface, I am “into” that stuff too and find it all quite compelling. I am VERY thankful that these guys are talking and writing about this stuff. I can’t say that I fully agree with all of the conclusions being put forth, but I can see that it’s definitely worth paying attention to. And many are – thankfully – paying attention. Their material is now being written about by others and it seems like many are talking about this stuff on TV and radio talkshows and of course at the big “prophecy summit” conferences all over the place. Wonderful! OK. But now what?

If the Shemitah deal is legit (not sure anyone could possibly verify that we are still on the same cycle that started back in Moses’ day, and frankly I doubt that we are) and if the Blood Moons mean anything (not sure they mean anything more than directing people to pay attention to the Feasts of YHWH), should we not be trying to actually HEED the so-called “harbingers” these things may be heralding?

By that I mean, IF we are still on the correct Shemitah cycle, then Judah was judged and sent to Babylon for NOT doing what was supposed to be done (letting the land rest every 7 years). The Northern Kingdom was judged because they CHANGED the Feasts of YHWH and refused to do things His way, preferring rather to celebrate their own (pagan) holidays instead (sounds familiar). Look what happened to them as a result.

Thus, for me, the solution to both is easy: IF these things mean anything at all, then we should DO what we’re supposed to do according to YHWH’s Word!!!!!!! That means KEEP the Feasts and follow the DIRECTIONS (i.e. INSTRUCTIONS… the Law = Torah) to avoid the judgment that always came when this was not done. But why then are very few advocating this?? Why is this not THE primary action step being preached by EVERY pastor and major ministry out there? Is all of this hype just to get people scared so they order books and DVDs about how they can practice their pre-Trib Rapture jump techniques? Or is this just “interesting information” that sells tickets and fills churches and hotel ballrooms? Seriously. What’s the deal here?

I just don’t get it. If you REALLY believe all of this Shemitah/Blood Moon the End is very near stuff, then Biblically speaking, by NUMEROUS EXAMPLES, it is all pointing us toward getting OUT of Babylon and KEEPING the Feasts and Commandments of YHWH in order to avoid national judgment. Yet, whenever I say something like that, many will accuse me of being a “cult-leading Judaizer” trying to get people back “under the law” and other such nonsense. By the way, I’m NOT talking about Cahn and Biltz here – they “get it” and I have heard them strongly advocate for getting back to YHWH’s calendar and doing things His way. I’m talking about other evangelical leaders, pastors, teachers and the many prophecy ministries out there. Sure, they’ll bring these guys in (Cahn, Biltz and others like them) and talk about their work, but if they’re not trying to get people back on YHWH’s page too, doing things HIS way, what’s the point in talking about any of this stuff?

I’m not about the fear. I’m about the solutions. People want to know what to do in these Last Days. If the message doesn’t include a practical – BIBLICAL – step of action, it’s a waste of time (and money).

– Rob Skiba

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