Keeping the Commandments and Feasts of God

Published by Rob Skiba August 26, 2012 at 5:03 PM

I don’t understand why people are so resistant to keeping the commandments of God:

Do you really want to serve false gods?

Do you really want to create idols?

Do you really want to take the LORD’s name in vain (as in swearing falsely by it)?

Do you really want to miss out on the benefits of keeping the (Saturday) Sabbath?

Do you really want to disrespect and bring dishonor on your parents?

Do you really want to kill people?

Do you really want to commit adultery?

Do you really want to become a thief?

Do you really want to bear false witness against your neighbors?

Do you really think it’s healthy to covet?

These commandments have nothing to do with salvation. Yeshua (Jesus) took care of that for us. So now we have no excuse for not wanting to keep these. These are the commandments that God says we should keep in order to PROVE our LOVE for Him. Therefore, why are so many so resistant to actually loving the One they say they love?

Here are some videos to consider:

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As for the Feasts of God (note they are not the Feasts of the JEWS), the only reason God wants us to be aware of and observe them is so that we can know all the things He intended and intends to do through His Son for our benefit. For more on this, check out: . Not only that, but they are FUN and explain so much about our Savior. In fact, for the Fall Feasts in particular God actually commands us to enjoy ourselves with family and friends (see Deut. 17:9-15). So, why in the world are so many so resistant to having anything to do with them?

Those who resist are truly missing out on all that God has for us, and consequently, I don’t believe they really understand the Word of God. The Commandments and the Feasts of God are all for our benefit! Now more than ever I believe we need to know the Scriptures and show our love for the One who saved us. Time is short and I believe we must choose now who we will serve: Nimrod or Yeshua (Jesus). No one thinks of Christmas and Easter as “legalistic” and yet those are “Beast Feasts” in honor of the Antichrist! So why would people think of keeping the true holidays of God as being legalistic? Why not trade 2 Beast Feasts for the 7 Feasts of YHVH + the Sabbath! That’s 8 for giving up 2! Yet, people who claim to love God are so resistant to having anything to do with doing Bible things in Bible ways.

I just don’t get it.

– Rob

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