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Published by Rob Skiba June 23, 2014 at 3:00 PM


Remember how I saved you from the bondage you used to live in? Remember how I did many mighty miracles to deliver you from the oppression of your slave masters? Then I took you far away from them and wrote down a few things in stone (with My own finger) to let you know what your new life with Me could be like? Honestly, I didn’t think I was asking too much. I was simply saying…

Because I love you, I ask that you not put any others before Me.

Because I love you, I ask that you not make idols that may steer you away from focusing your love on Me.

Because I love you, I ask that you not make My Name into nothing, for I have a good reputation and am giving it to you as My Bride.

Because I love you, I ask that you remember, I’ve set aside a special “date” for you to rest and for us to spend “quality time” together at least once a week.

Because I love you, I ask that you give honor to your parents, for I love them too (by the way, even if they don’t deserve it, if you do, I’ll grant you a long and full life).

Because I love you, I ask that you not kill others that are also loved by Me.

Because I love you, I ask that you not cheat, and sleep around with others, because adultery causes great pain to any relationship.

Because I love you, I ask that you not steal from anyone, because I am capable and willing to provide for all of your needs.

Because I love you, I ask that you not bear false witness, lying about others, because I desire that you live in spirit and in truth, loving one another.

Because I love you, I ask that you not covet what I have given to others. There’s a reason they have what they have and why you have what you have. Trust Me.

Because I love you, I later told you about which animals are good and healthy for the nourishment of your body, and which ones are not. Eventually, I even confirmed this with your own scientists.

Because I love you, I also set apart seven different “appointed times” on My Day Timer, to reveal Myself and My Son to you in amazing ways. We’d really love it if you’d join Us on those special days so that I can reveal even more to you concerning “times and seasons” both in days gone by as well as those yet to come. And besides, they are a LOT of fun. Tell you what: If you’ll trade your 2 pagan holidays (which have nothing to do with Me nor My Son) for My truly Holy Days, I’ll prove it to you!

Because I love you, I even sent My only Son to die for you – even while you were trampling under foot and spitting on all that I’ve said above – in order that we may be restored through our “irreconcilable differences” that have been pulling us apart and destroying our relationship.

Because I love you, the penalty for violating My loving “laws,” which were all given for your benefit, was paid in full by My Son. He took the consequences of your disobedience upon Himself, so you need not worry any more about condemnation for your failures. We’ve got you covered. If you fail and fall, don’t worry. Just get back up and try again. Keep your eyes on Me and I will guide your steps. My Spirit will even help you. We know you have your moments of weakness. So, let Us make you strong again.

Now, if I could have a moment to share something with you that has been bothering Me… I’ve heard you say that you love Me. But what if I told you what it means for Me to receive your love? Have you ever heard of the book, “The Five Love Languages” written by a man named, Gary Chapman?  He understood that humans receive love through:

1) Words of Affirmation

2) Quality Time

3) Gifts

4) Acts of Service

5) Physical Touch

Most individuals receive love through ONE of those five. But ALL humans were created in My likeness, so what if I told you that My way of receiving your love actually involves all five of those “love languages” combined in the keeping of those things I wrote about above? Acknowledging and doing the above, is actually the way I receive your love. So, now that you know this, would you still claim to love me?

Sweetheart, I DO love you. But… lately, I’m not feeling the love in return.

– Your Husband


After participating in another amazing seminar of life-changing results this past weekend, where once again, I saw miracles happen in the lives of 12 previously broken people, I felt like YHWH was sending this message to me. I hope it is a blessing to you as well. But, I also hope it puts the whole “keep the commandments” thing into proper perspective. We are in a LOVING marriage with our Creator. AFTER He saved us, He gave us these “rules” as a way of proving our love for Him and for our fellow man.

People come on my page all the time asking why I talk so much about “the Law” and not enough about “Love and Grace”, when in reality, the three are one (go figure). You cannot have one (Love, Law or Grace) without the others when it comes to our walk with YHWH. All three are necessary and operate together as part of the whole. I think when kept in this perspective, it helps us to understand why under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, John could write:

1 John 5:

1 Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and everyone who loves the Father loves whoever has been born of him. 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments. 3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.

– Rob Skiba

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